Cash 4 Textiles


It is estimated that over 1 million tonnes of used clothing enters the municipal stream to landfill every year.

Our cash for clothes provides opportunities for your preloved clothes to be loved again, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Whilst supporting British charitable causes, our textile company generates more than £4.5 million for British charities every year from your clothing collections.

Our recycling company has established comprehensive links with Africa, Europe and Asia to reduce world waste and help people across the world with affordable good quality clothing.

All other textiles in a lower grade condition are broken down and reused to make dusters, mop heads e.t.c


Our cash for clothing is very popular we do suggest that you call us before you load your vehicle just to make sure there is room in our storage.


We pay cash per kilo, if the amount exceeds £40.00 we pay via business cheque.

The rate varies per kilo depending on current market value.


We do not collect textiles unless they are included in one of our house clearances.


The items we can take are as follows;







Lightweight curtains

All clean and dry!


We do not take the following;






Rugs/bath mat sets

Heavy curtains

Damp/wet textiles

Dirty textiles

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